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I streak over my skin
again and again.
I hope it will break,
finally it gives.
The blood comes
from criss-crossed lines.
If you ever ask me,
I'll answer with lies.
It started with displeasure
then came unsatisfaction.
Until I finally realized
I held no true attraction.
My hair's a mess,
as is my life.
My skin is marked,
with nature and knife.
I wasn't good enough for him,
nor am I for me.
Every night I starve myself,
limiting my feed.
I wear short-sleeves
and hope I'm asked
where the marks are from,
why they last.
I have yet to hear the questions,
so I move along in silence.
The smile on my face
merely proves my own resilience.
They come criss-crossed,
on legs and arms.
They bear the sorrows,
it's called self-harm.
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Fantasy... well, apple.
Fantasy… well, apple.
A golden dragon sat upon an equally golden pile of coins, blending in to the mass. He stared musingly at the small, bright red orb within his claws. A low growl shook the pile of coins, causing a few to tumble down and down and down, then the faintest clink was heard. The dragon suddenly sat up, a smile twisting across his face. His claws began to fold and curl, shape and twist, until all that remained was a glowing red apple. He reached into the pile of gold, shuffling around, then smiled again and withdrew a tiny green orb as well. He rolled it between his claws, then quickly smashed it flat and attached it to the small reddish stem.
"Perfect," he hissed, his silvery tongue flicking between jagged teeth. He gave a powerful flap of his wings, blowing coins everywhere way as he took flight. He began to dart through a maze of tunnels, some seemingly too narrow for his large mass to fit through, though he always did. He emerged from the caverns after scratching his
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Help me make some money? Writing 2k word stuffs for 200 points. Questions? Note me.




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I'm just a girl in the US with nothing better to do than love ponies! I've seen every episode to date, and make customs as well. Feel free to talk to me about custom ordering!


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